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Why use a venue finder?

venue finder small - Why not do it all yourself?

We know it can be a nightmare finding the right venue, so by using our free venue finding service you save time, money and aggravation.


How does it work?

how it works small In short:

- you call or email with details about your event
- we go away to do all the leg work for you
- we present a shortlist of venues you can chose from



testimonial small Don't just take our word for it...               

"Irene Storvik provides an excellent service as a venue finder..."
- Nigel Beynon, New Word Alive

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how it works large

How does it work?

We like to keep things simple and hope that works for you too.

You tell us as much as you can about your event and requirements:
- dates, and whether you are flexible on dates or not.
- how many guests.
- type of event (conference, concert, weekender, training days etc)
- venue requirements (how many rooms, for how many and equipment needed)
- catering and accommodation for staff and/or guests
That kind of thing.

We start looking at venues in our catalogue, and elsewhere, to find what we think is suitable. We contact them, ask for prices and start negotiating what is included in the deal they offer you.
You are supplied with a shortlist of venues that on paper meet your requirements. And we go together on a site visit to make sure you like what you see. If you are happy with the deal offered - you sign a contract directly with the venue, not with us. But don't worry - should you need any support after contracts have been signed, we are here for you.
If you are not happy with the deal offered - we start over, and try again!

And - you don't have to pay us anything! This is because the venue you sign with pay us a commission for your event.

Showtime! Your event takes place at a venue perfect for you and your event!
Found by us, chosen by you.

YOU always have the final say, after all - it's YOUR event!