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Why use a venue finder?

venue finder small - Why not do it all yourself?

We know it can be a nightmare finding the right venue, so by using our free venue finding service you save time, money and aggravation.


How does it work?

how it works small In short:

- you call or email with details about your event
- we go away to do all the leg work for you
- we present a shortlist of venues you can chose from



testimonial small Don't just take our word for it...               

"Irene Storvik provides an excellent service as a venue finder..."
- Nigel Beynon, New Word Alive

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venue finder large

Why use a venue finder?

WE know making use of our free venue finding service will save you time and money. And it's less hassle than doing it on your own, too.....
Our aim is to always find the right venue for YOUR event - whatever it may be.

But if you are not sure using a venue finder is right for your event, hopefully the following will change your mind.

ITS FREE - you don't pay us to find your venue. Let us spend time looking, negotiate the deal for you, and tear our hair out when it looks impossible!

Seperating the good from the bad and the ugly, is time consuming. But over time, we have built up a catalogue of great venues - big, small, great value, 5 star, you name it!

Not only do we know a huge variety of venues, we also take time to get to know you and your event. This way, we can easily find you YOUR perfect venue, because we know all events and customer requirements are different and a venue perfect for you might not suit others.

We have years of experience in negotiating contracts, both as buyers and sellers of venues, giving us knowledge of when, where and how to make a great deal. We will always make sure you get the best possible deal for your event.

We negotiate on your behalf, ask all awkward questions for you and make sure there are no surprises on the day. We make sure all the important details are in writing, before you sign the contract with the venue.

We never forget that all customers and events are different, or the importance of taking time to get to know both before we start looking for your perfect venue.

We are here to help you get the best possible deal, at the venue of your choice, for your event.

All this to give you more time to focus on more important things,
like the actual event!